Thank you for your interest in obtaining an Awn Creel pattern for your home and/or commercial use.  The following steps will walk you through the process toward procurement. 

1. Review our Collection to obtain an idea about our patterns.
2. Contact us to express your interest in obtaining a pattern or patterns from our Collection or to ask us to provide you with a more personalized collection. (We'll want to know whether it's being purchased for home and/or commercial use, what your intended use will be for each pattern, and, if for commercial use, your resale certificate.)
3. We'll share with you the pattern(s), low resolution, of your choice through a Dropbox link along with the pricing.
4. Confirm with us which pattern(s) you'd like and how you wish to use them. 
5. We'll then share with you your choices, low resolution, in the format which you prefer along with an invoice.
6. Upon your confirmation of the pattern(s) we'll produce the files for each pattern according to your intended use. 
7. Using the "Pay Now" link below you'll purchase your order. 
8. Upon receiving payment we'll share with you your pattern(s) through a Dropbox link or a preferred Cloud-based service along with the declaration of procurement.