What is Awn Creel?
Awn Creel designs patterns for itself, for the home and/or commercial use.  We have thousands of patterns and continuously make thousands more each year.  Our inspiration is the natural world and as long as this is respected and treated thoughtfully we should be in business for ever. We also use our patterns as inspiration to make beautiful products. Our designers, deriving inspiration from the patterns, create inspired products that resonate with people around the globe.

How are the patterns produced?
Armed with cameras, drones, field scanners, computers, portable Wifi, a lot of water and a few Kindles we canvass the world to locate the beauty of nature.   Our 'creatives' then use these images to create our stunningly beautiful patterns. 

Are the patterns from the Collection on the website available for sale?
Yes, each pattern from our sample collection is available for sale.

How can I see Awn Creel's entire collection of patterns?
We've several means with which to share many more patterns with you.  Please contact us so that we can work with you to show you the appropriate selection.

What is the cost of an Awn Creel pattern?
The cost of Awn Creel patterns are based on their use.   For example, some clients do not wish to retain the sole rights to a pattern, opting instead to have it available for any other clients use aside from the use for which it was previously purchased. Other clients wish to have the sole rights to a pattern to use for a line of products.  Of course, there are also clients who wish to have dozens of patterns under consignment to show to their clients.   We've also been asked by a non-profit organization to have a selection of patterns to use as a large installation to enliven an underused green space.  Then there are scores of people who love to purchase patterns to have them mounted and placed on a wall. With so many uses for our patterns our pricing is just as varied and will be disclosed on a client by client basis. 

What is the procurement process and how are patterns purchased?
Once you've contacted us we'll share with you the appropriate, low resolution, patterns through a Dropbox link. You'll then pick out the patterns you want and we'll work with you to establish them for your preferred use.   Once payment is received, through our website, we'll share the appropriate pattern files and declaration of procurement with you through Dropbox or a Cloud-based service of your preference.  

How does Awn Creel fulfill its Corporate Social Responsibility "CSR"?
We believe in supporting the community in which we're located.  Awn Creel will annually set aside 8% of its net revenue to support community actions that benefit environment, health and/or school initiatives.  We will not accept unsolicited requests for donations.

How can I be assured that my purchase of an Awn Creel pattern for my home and/or commercial use is secured from any further home and/or commercial use?
Awn Creel assures you that your purchased pattern(s) will be removed from our available inventory and a declaration of procurement will be provided for each.